About Us

The Cumberland Valley Children’s Advocacy Center (CVCAC) is a nonprofit organization striving everyday to help reduce the trauma experienced by child victims of sexual, physical abuse and children who have witnessed violent crimes. The CVCAC provides services by coordinating the efforts by using a multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse cases across 8 Southeast Kentucky counties.

All services provided at no cost to children and their non-offending caregivers. The CVCAC serves 8 counties in Southeast Kentucky : Laurel, Knox, Bell, Whitley, Clay,Harlan, Jackson and Rockcastle counties.

To support our mission the cornerstone of the Center is the multidisciplinary team. These teams are made up of the core agencies that respond when a child discloses abuse. The team consist of law enforcement investigators, a child protection worker from the Health and Families Services Cabinet, a Commonwealth and/or County Attorney, a physician, a mental health professional, the staff of the Center and victim advocates. The Center’s role is to assist in the coordination of services in ONE centralized, child-friendly location.

The Cumberland Valley Children’s Advocacy Center was established in 1997 this was a project taken on by Commonwealth Attorney Tom Handy and Victim Advocate Missy Bundy along with the help of the London Younger Women’s Club.

We are a full member of the Kentucky Association of Children’s Advocacy Centers (www.kacac.org). There are 15 CAC’s across the state of Kentucky.